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We take great care and pride with all our fauna, flora and wildlife investing time and money in the management and maintenance required to continue attracting a bio-diverse environment.  Since winning the English Nature farming for wildlife award in 2003 we have planted 1km of new hedgerow, increased the number of log piles around the farm, created a semi wet area and planted wild flower strips.  Below is our new project for this year to create a more butterfly friendly environment. We cleared the undergrowth before the winter leaving it to rot down. This picture was taken in July and as you can see everything has grown well and I even found a Speckled Wood butterfly (which I'm sure was there before we intervened!)

laleham farm
butterfly glade
butterfly glade in July
laleham farm
gatekeeper butterfly
Gatekeeper Butterfly

We saw large numbers of Gatekeeper butterflies during July and I think because we have had such dry and hot weather that this year should be a good one for all moths and butterflies