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May 2011

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This diary will be written about twice monthly during the summer by Clare to keep you updated with what is happening with the crops, people and wildlife on the farm and anything else we feel maybe of interest.

I know as farmers we are renowned for being obsessive about the weather but I think in the current climate we are fully justified! We record how many millimetres of rain water which falls on the farm but this year since March 1st we have only had 17millimetres of rain as opposed to 96 millimetres for the same time last year and no rain in May thus far. Land is having to be irrigated before we can do cultivations and straight after sowings to ensure the seeds germinate.

laleham farm

I have had  great success with Ringed Plover chicks 11 have hatched and been ringed by our local BTO man Mercer, although it has been a struggle for the chicks to emerge from the shells because with no rain the egg is very dry and brittle and it can take up to 3 days for them to hatch.

laleham farm
Ringed Plover chicks
Just hatched Ringed Plover

Another feature of the weather recently has been how windy it is every single day I thought it was March winds not May winds!! This has caused havoc with our fleece which has blown all over the farm and been ripped apart and will have to all be taken off.

laleham farm
Blown fleece