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July 2011
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This diary will be written about twice monthly during the summer by Clare to keep you updated with what is happening with the crops, people and wildlife on the farm and anything else we feel maybe of interest.

Our farm is located directly opposite the back lot for Shepperton Studios and from January they have been building a huge set  and now they are in production we had a request to turn of our gas banger when they are filming scenes because of the noise!! A very nice man from Makin Movies came to see us and fully understood when we turned down the request. His offer of a solution was to send a human scarecrow to run round the field of Kohlrabi scaring the pigeons when they needed to film (only in movie land!!). But we also got the chance to look round the sets which was amazing.

laleham farm
damage to kohlrabi.
Kohlrabi pigeon damage

A farmers life is never dull one lovely Saturday at the end of July I had a call from Charlie can you go down to the farm as some fleece has got caught round the overhead power cables and do not go within 100 metres as it may still be live!! Well this is what greeted me and was told by the lads on the farm that there had been a mini tournado.  

laleham farm
fleece around power cable

I phoned National Grid and they came out in force to try and rectify the situation which involved turning of the power and waiting for enough men to arrive to deal with it. In the end we had to leave it until the next morning when they would have the right equipment for a man to go along the cable in a cage and unwrap the fleece. My land rover was deployed in a very unusual way to ensure the fleece did not blow onto the other cable!!

laleham farm
new use for a landrover
New use for a land rover!!